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Dietary supplement containing freeze-dried chanca piedra infusion prepared according to the traditional recipe of Peruvian medicine.

The preparation is intended for adults who have problems with kidney stones and gout.

Chanca Piedra

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Chanca piedra is a plant traditionally used primarily in the treatment of kidney stones and gout as well as viral infections . It is a plant originating from the Amazon, which has been known and valued especially by the indigenous inhabitants of these areas for centuries. It naturally grows on any type of soil, but prefers high altitudes. Hence, it can be found mainly at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level in tropical forests. It has small fruit, approx. approx. 3 mm, which have been used for centuries, e.g. for the removal of kidney and gall stones. Its leaves and rhizomes also show health-promoting properties. Chanca piedra is also famous as an effective natural remedy for problems with the liver, urinary system, bacterial infections, diabetes and hypertension. 

  • Studies show that taking chanca piedra by people struggling with kidney stones has the effect of reducing them in terms of size and number.
  • Extracts of this plant used after deconstruction treatments cause less re-stone formation , especially in the lower calyx location.
  • Chanca piedra can prevent attacks and flare-ups of gout . In addition, it contains lignans, which are potential agents used in the treatment of gout. Studies have shown activity in reducing uric acid and reverting uric acid levels to normal levels in a dose-dependent manner.  
  • Chanca piedra naturally flushes out salt crystals appearing in the urine . Studies have shown that chanca piedra extract effectively inhibits the growth of calcium oxalate crystals.
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