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Freeze-dried Mango contains 100% fruit and no additives.

Mangoes are tropical fruits that belong to the Anacardiaceae family. They have an oval or oblong shape and are typically larger than most other fruits.


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Mangoes have a thick, smooth skin that can range in color from green to various shades of yellow, orange, or red. The flesh inside is juicy and sweet, surrounding a single large flat seed in the center.


Freeze-dried fruits are crunchy and have a clearer taste, which is why they allow you to enjoy the flavors of summer even out of season. 


Freeze-dried fruits are incredibly light, which makes the amount of 30 g a large package. They are an excellent alternative  compared to artificial sweets or other highly processed snacks. 


We can take a package of freeze-dried fruit with us for lunch to school, work ... it is a great healthy snack.  


Freeze-dried fruit can be used in many ways that give a lot of scope for showcasing in the kitchen:

  • As independent fruit snacks
  • For salads or main dishes (e.g. sweet potatoes with feta cheese, parsley pesto ... etc.)
  • In compotes, desserts, ice cream
  • In cakes, jellies, puddings
  • Fruit teas ...


Product weight 30g

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