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Freeze-dried Red Currants contains 100% fruit and no additives.

They offer numerous health benefits, these qualities make them particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with oily and acne-prone skin.


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Red currants are small, round berries that grow in clusters on deciduous shrubs. They belong to the genus Ribes and are part of the Grossulariaceae family. Red currants have a translucent red skin and a tart flavor.


Freeze-dried Red currants  are dried using a special freeze-drying method, commonly known as "freeze drying", thanks to which the fruit retains most of its nutritional value, shape, color, and the taste and smell are more pronounced. Freeze-dried fruit contains 100% fruit and no additives.


We can take a package of freeze-dried fruit with us for lunch to school, work ... it is a healthy snack.

They can be used for all hot and cold dishes.


Freeze-dried fruit can be used in many ways that give a lot of scope for showcasing in the kitchen:

  • as independent fruit snacks
  • in breakfast muesli, oatmeal
  • in compotes, desserts, ice cream
  • in cakes, jellies, puddings
  • in porridges and fruit teas.


Product weight: 30g

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